Cubase 5 C++ Runtime Error on W7 16 Gb RAM

Hey all! I have searched for a runtime error fix or something but never find anything working. I can’t believe that for a very common error that f…ks up our work. I have W7/64 with 16 Gb ram, i7, and a motu MK3 19" sound. So, i don’t think it’s from a lack of resources.
I have tried everything i could find:
Reinstalling Cubase - same error
Reinstaling MS Visual C++ with and without uninstalling the older versions - same error
Reinstalled all vst plugins - same error
Reinstaled Windows - same error
Tried a different sound board - same error
Increased the page file (which i think it’s a nonsense but…) - same error
Contacted Microsoft (they never answered) - of course that same error

Anyways, i have noticed that (monitoring the pc ram) when the ram used is near about 3.5 - 4 Gb, the mighty Cubase freezes and i get that error.

I started to freeze some channel tracks in the project, and after that it works fine.

So, does cubase knows how to use the FREE RAM? All of it? I think this is the problem here. I have 6-7 gb ram free at any moment and i cannot understand why cubase does not work with all the free ram and crashes when it goes near 4gb. I’ve searched for some kind of ram limit option in cubase or something but i could not find anything.
It’s frustrating to freeze channels in cubase. I don’t have a pc grandpa 386!!!

Any Idea Guys?

I just read this…

Certain runtime errors indicating a Visual C++ runtime error has occurred in IE can be resolved by resetting your Internet Explorer settings. In your case, removing the google toolbar solved the issue.

Sometimes they indicate that there is a problem in the program but several runtime error codes can be dealt with on the user’s end. Depending on the code, there are different techniques to resolve the errors.

Runtime errors occur when a program you are using encounters programming issues – depending on the application that you’re running, the fix will vary. Here are some suggestions to fix runtime error commonly occurring on Windows Vista and XP.

I recall getting some kind of C++Runtime Error quite a while back…sorry, I can’t recall my fix but it went away by fiddling around for a couple of days. All I remember is disabling various things…non essential things where ever I could…anything & everything to do with internet for sure! Things in the Services, Networking etc…I may have even did a system restore, but I did not uninstall my DAW software’s nor Windows. I haven’t got the error in well over a year.

are you sure your cubase 5 is 64 bit version if only 32 this would expain it