Cubase 5 can't find Axe FX II

Hey everybody,

Having funky issues with a project in Cubase 5 and my Axe FX II… hopefully it’s a simple one.

I’m running my Axe FX II into a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. I have the interface connected in device setup and my guitar comes through my monitors just fine. In fact, I’ve been recording guitar tracks just fine for multiple project files. But somewhere along the way in one project in particular I get no signal in Cubase. Guitar and recorded audio comes through the monitors and I’m able to get a signal from the Axe FX II in all other projects except this one.

I noticed that for my guitar tracks, the input is “left-stereo in” and the output is “stereo out.”
For the other projects that work, the input reads “Axe FX II” and the output reads “speakers.”

However, I can’t find a way to change it… HELP PLEASE!