Cubase 5 + CI1 - Audio Issue

Hi All,
I have had his issue since i bought the CI1, and I am sure it is a stupid one which i am not being able to figure out.
The problem is when ever i connect the guitar cable(unbalanced) and push the Hi-Z button, the Tranpose panel int he Cubase shows only one input signal. Also i tried using a balanced cable into the channel 2 of the CI1, all it did was the signal switched to the right side of the transpose input signal! Please help!!

Set up a mono input bus, select it as default and select it on audio tracks.

I added Mono Input bus and then when i once added the audio track, it says mono in and stereo out, but still the same thing going on. Also i cannot see the signal in the mixer for the audio channel, but i do hear the playback on my headphones. And how do we make the Mono default? do we remove the stereo bus in the input?

Turn the knob on the CI1 to DAW.

Default by right click on the bus.

Ok i might sound stupid, but does DAW affect the Audio Input?

It affects whether the sound goes through Cubase or just the interface.

What is the exact issue you’re having?

Ok my issue is whenever i plug my guitar and try to record.
1.The audio signal just shows one signal in the transport pannel either left or right(Where you see the real time signal level)
2.Then when i record, it shows the track but can’t hear the sound when the recorded track is played
3.But i can plug and play(not recording)

A mono signal will show mono on the meter. In C7, the transport changes the meter when you select a mono or stereo for the default. Can’t recall C5, it’s been a long time.

Turn off the monitor button on the track for playback. Set auto-monitoring to Tapemachine in Prefs to have it do it automatically.

Ok may be i will post some screenshots tomorrow, that might give you a better Idea of what i am talking!

Ok here is it - I just get one input signal. I have used a unbalanced cable with Hi-z switched on.

My Buses setting

Add an audio track, select the correct mono in, monitor enable it and play. Result?

Ok, but as I posted earlier, you didn’t set the mono in as default so the transport won’t reflect a single meter. From the screenshot, sound is heard on both sides so there’s no real issue. Make some music.

Isn’t the meter suppose to show double signal while audio input even in mono?

Only if you set the mono in as the default. A mono source will always show on only one side of the stereo meter otherwise. Don’t let a visual thing affect you. If you hear the mono source on both sides then all is well. You’re getting hung up on the non-significant.

Thanks, but this is what happened when I set up Mono as the default audio in. A big signal meter popped in. I am making sure i am doing it the right way, cause earlier when i use to record it with a inbuilt card from my PC it always showed double signals in the meter!

Yes, normal. When you set mono in as default, you get a mono meter. Much ado about nothing.