Cubase 5 Complete Installation

I’m lookin for Cubase 5 complete/full installation in the support page in the unsupported products, but only show cubase 5 update…
i have cubase 10 pro, but i need cubase 5 for open old project with full 32 bit plugin…

due to existing cracks for Cubase 5 you cannot download Cubase 5, please load Cubase 6 from the same directory

can halion one work on cubase 6? halion one not halion se…

can halion one work on cubase 6?

Yes it is part of the Cubase 6 iso, in x86 and x64 Version.

thank you very much :smiley:

Halion One should work with Cubase 6, however in my case all the presets were missing.
I had to create a VST3 Presets folder manually and had to copy and paste the correspoding presets folder from Cubase 5 in order to get the presets to show up in Cubase 6.