Cubase 5 controller mapping

Hi everybody,

I have got a Samson Graphite M25 which has transport functions. They are MMC so I hit the syncronisation settings to activate this. The transport buttons work perfectly now.

But I want the rewind and forward knob to bring me to the next or previous marker so I hit the Samson Graphite software and changed these 2 buttons to midi channels and they now work. When I hit them they bring me to the next or previous marker. Although, I have to keep them pressed down for 2-3 seconds before they respond.

The buttons still set to MMC function without delay.

How does this happen and why? Can I change this delay and need to keep the button pressed down? So I jump to the next marker instantly?


Hi and welcome,

Do you really need MMC for this? I would recommend to change the HW settings so it sends common MIDI CC and use Cubase Generic Remote Device to map it to the functions you want to use.

The only one advantage of using MMC I can see is, that the buttons could illuminate when you press the Record/Play in Cubase (not on the HW). But Mackie Control protocol is much more suitable for this.