Cubase 5 Crash OSX Mavericks

Hello people

I’m wondering if someone has encountered this issue or one similar before:

I set a key command (E) to toggle the preference to enlarge selected track. However, every time I press the key and then select a track, it causes Cubase to quit unexpectedly. It seems Cubase only crashes if I select a track while the change message is still on the screen. If I wait until the message has gone, it does not crash.

Can someone who has a newer version of the software test this out, to see if it is still a problem?


Aloha I, and welcome to the board. E’ Komo Mai’.

After reading your post I did a lil work in C.5.5 and all seems fine here.

To be honest I use the ‘E’ key command to open up the ‘Export’ d/log box,
but IMHO that should not matter and using it should not be crashing you ax.

Best advice I can give is what you posted:

If I wait until the message has gone, it does not crash.

Or perhaps consider upgrading to a newer version of Cubase (C 7.5) that is more compatible
with Mavericks (OS 10.9.x)

Good Luck!

Hi curteye

Thanks for your response, I’m sorry for the huge delay. I was never notified of this reply to my forum post, may have gone into spam. Anyway… I appreciate you taking the time to test the issue on your setup and I’m actually glad it doesn’t cause a problem on your side, for the sake of other Cubase users.

I still use this key command, and only once or twice have I forgot and accidentally crashed the program. Otherwise, it’s fine now I know. to be fair it’s only a 2 second wait, not a massive burden.

I do intend on upgrading in the near future to the latest release of Cubase, when I can afford it. It’s not cheap now that a quite a number of versions have passed :slight_smile: I do appreciate the 50% discount though.

Thanks for your help