Cubase 5 / Cubase 3 Files.

Hello Everybody!

This is my question regarding Cubase 5 or Cubase 3 files:

Will Cubase 8, 9, or 10 read my Cubase 3/Cubase 5 projects??? If so, will they open as they were created, meaning in the mixer ready to be played?

Or will they be rendered as separate audio files with no order or structure and I would have to rebuild all my projects?

Answers are appreciated. Thanks!


Could anybody please answer my question? A moderator or a Steinberg person please?


The projects should open but… old VSTs and features no longer available in the newer versions of Cubase may not work.

Suggest that you make a copy of the old projects and try opening them in the newer Cubase version.

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Looks like this topic was a duplicate post… :unamused:

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