Cubase 5 & Digi002 Rack glitching

HI all this is my first post ever on this forum.

In a nutt shell im having an ASIO problem with my soundcard and can not seem to find a work around for it.
it just keeps glitching when im using cubase 5 or even 5.5.3.
i once had this same problem with my last PC but soon as i changed the motherboard the problem returned, last time all i had to do was change my Firewire driver settings to Legacy and i was back up and running.
This time round it is not the case for me…
every other program works fine with no glitching clippy audio PT 8.5 Sound Forge even WMP is fine… movies play fine?
when importing a file into cubase the preview is fine no glitching :question:
but soon as i load it into the project the glitching returns :cry:

heres my specs:
CPU: Q9550
Mobo: XFX 750i Sli - (old mobo was a P5Q pro)
RAM: Corsair 8500c5 (4 x 2GB sticks)
PSU: G7 880W
HDD: (1TB Samsung HD103UJ & 1Tb ST310003 40AS)
GPU: GTS 450 - (old GPU was a ATI HD4850)
OS: Win 7 Ultimate x64
Digi 002 Rack (Firewire)
Oxygen 61 silver

like i said before on my last DAW setup worked with no errors with recording or playing audio running at 128 or 256 Latency

if anyone could help me with this matter it would be much appreciated :smiley:
thanks in advance!

What mfg. of the IEEE 1394 chipset?

iv been looking and i cant find it not even on the wesite maybe im just dumb or something and is looking in the wrong place for it

this is the best i could find but no mention of the firewire chipset :cry:

Get a hold of their support and ask. If it’s not Texas Instrument, that’s a likely cause.

ok i have just sent them a msg and ill report back asap

also thanks for the speedy reply :slight_smile:

this can be closed as i had to revert back to the old mobo P5Q PRO with Digi02R’s 8.0.4b driver
i know its the beta but it did solve my problem :wink: