Cubase 5 Dongle Key

Hi All:

Is there a way to make a back up of my dongle key for Cubase ? I am always taking my dongle key on the road with me doing live recording gigs and I am always worried about loosing it so I wanted to be able to make a backup on an I-lok or a back up keep of some kind. Is this possible? If not, how would I get a new key if the original were lost? Would I need to spend $$$$ to repurchase the program?

Thanks in advance.

Not possible to back up the dongle.

If you have registered the dongle with Steinberg, then they will replace it under certain circumstances like if it breaks.

From the Knowledge Base faq :

Always keep your unused Activation Code or, once your USB-eLicenser has been activated, your USB-eLicenser, in a safe place! Losing the unused Activation Code or your USB-eLicenser once activated can be the same as losing your product!

So I guess the simple answer is don’t lose it !!!