Cubase 5 Dongle License Stopped Working

I’m having an issue with my dongle license. It’s worked for years on several systems and now when I launch Cubase 5 it says no licenses found. The Control Center shows the USB device and ID as well as my serial number but says “no licenses found” under each.

Any idea why this would happen out of the blue?


Install latest eLCC.

Just downloaded the latest eLCC and went thru the database update. No change. It still says no licenses found.

I guess you could try the “Maintenance” function, a different USB port, reboot the computer… If none of those work, you will need to put in a support ticket. If the dongle is very old, you may need a new one.

USB 2 or 3 port?


I’ve tried all of the above except a new dongle. Waiting on a reply from Steinberg.

I ran the Maintenance here at work this morning and got the same results. Odd things is it says all steps were successful.

Just curious… Have you logged on to “My Steinberg” to verify your USB dongle is registered there and that it say’s the Cubase license is supposed to be on it? I hope support contacts you quickly.

The license was on the dongle when I bought Cubase off eBay. I tried registering it but the system wouldn’t accept the dongle ID. It’s just odd that it worked for years and now nothing. Maybe the seller screwed me by putting it on in a shady way.

I’ll have to see what support says.


So it seems the seller never unregistered the USB-eLicenser. If that is the case, unless you can contact the seller and have him/her un-register it you might have a hard time with support. You purchased something you don’t actually “own”. It would be like buying a used car and the seller doesn’t transfer the title.

Did the seller provide you with the piece of paper from the original box with your activation code?

Good luck.

Also, how are you posting in this section of the forum if your dongle isn’t registered? Do you have another USB-eLicenser/Cubase license besides the one giving you problems?

It’s been years since I installed. I’ll need to look thru the box and see what’s in there. I talked with the seller about transferring it but he insisted it was legit because the license was already on the dongle and he had always used it that way. He probably “bought something he didn’t own” as well.

I also have an SX3 license.

Thanks for the reply.


I just checked and I have disks, manuals and activation code for Cubase 5. Also found my SX3 dongle. I still haven’t heard from support and with the Holiday looming, probably won’t until Monday. Then again, maybe they’re all having a good laugh at my expense. :laughing:

I guess worst case I’ll upgrade to 7 and get myself legal. Guess I could download the demo to get things going over the weekend.


Good idea and good luck.

C7? You are gonna love it. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I’ve been checking out the new features. I guess it makes it sting just a little less. :wink:

Have a great weekend!

Off topic but relevant…I’m not getting email notifications from this forum. I have checked notify when a reply post is made but haven’t seen a single email from this thread. I’m getting emails from Steinberg about my case being opened and changing my password but nothing from the forum.

It’s official, they hate me. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I just wanted to mention to be careful about buying an upgrade from a version you don’t have a license for (at the moment). If the C5 license never gets resolved, you won’t be able to use that license to upgrade from. So, just be careful about buying an upgrade from C5 until you are confident that you will (eventually) have a license.
It looks like if you had to use the SX3 license to upgrade from, that is only $50 more than from C5 so I guess that’s not too bad.
Anyway, I hope it works out.

Yeah, I would definitely go with the SX3 license. No sense throwing good money after bad. Though I did get a good 3 or 4 years of usage out of a $200 purchase. Not a terrible ROI.


If you have all of those things in your possession, I think there is a chance you could possibly get issued a new activation code. You might have to send them the “broken” dongle and original activation code sheet and you would need to purchase another dongle.

That’s just my guess :slight_smile: .

Or, you might be screwed! :laughing:

I may indeed be screwed. Every dealing I’ve ever had with Steinberg has left me feeling like I did something wrong. These guys could teach Homeland Security a thing or two.

I started downloading the trial version last night and in the middle of the 3 hour download my router froze. So, I trashed the incomplete file, went back to the link they sent me and it won’t let me download a second time. Resent my name and email and it says “this product is not available as a trial”.

So I guess you get one shot and if anything happens, you’re SOL.

It’s making me rethink my whole position on Cubase.


Amen! I got SX3 to work! Screamin’ into the 80’s.

Guess I’ll go hang out in the Legacy Cubase forum like the loser that I am. :wink:

Peace and have a great Holiday!