Cubase 5 educational transfer


Im giving my copy of cubase 5 to a friend, so if I deactivate my registration and my license (which is for the educational version) in my Steinberg account, can he register with his details?

The reason I ask is that I don’t think you can sell the educational licenses on, but I simply want to give it him, and he wants his steinberg login to be linked with it so he can post on the forums in his name.

Any help will be greatly appriciated, especially any official help from someone within steinberg,


Check out the resale wizard. You’ll need to do a quick Google, I don’t have the link on hand.

Easy peazy. Login to your “mysteinberg” account, change the email/info to his, as well as password. Hand over the software & dongle. Done.
No need to deactivate, unless you have another licensed product and would like to create a NEW “mysteinberg” account for him. If not, just change your details to his. :slight_smile:

Thats cheating :laughing:

Cheating?! Technically, yes. The resale wizard is the “correct” way to transfer the ownership officially.


Doesn^t resale wizard say

Please note that educational products or licenses are personal.
They cannot be passed on or sold to any other third party or person.

But when you go step by step through the wizard, say yes its a dongle yes … in the end there is no question is it educational :wink: and resale wizard says yes you can sell your product.
Weird, isn’t it`?
And what is if i bouhgt the educational version and i want to give it away for free as a present?

Greetz Bassbase

Well, that would be taking advantage of the system. Even if you are eligible for an educational price, it should be purchased at the usual price if it is intended for someone that is not eligible.

Although cheating the system by buying used copies, taking educational prices unfairly, or downloading free copies online may seem to help us in the present, we’d better be careful not to financially cheat the company who brings us Cubase! Cause’ we sure don’t wanna work without it. :wink:


I got the cubase 6 as edu and it took me now nearly a year to save 400€ to get rid of my fastrackpro to get now the rme 9632.
But i promise will pay the full price for the update to C7

Greetz Bassbase

There is nothing stopping anyone giving presents to whoever you want.