Cubase 5 Essential - No sound

Hello everyone, I have a sound issue. The sound is recording, but nothing is heard during playback, nor can I hear the metronome. The bar says sound is being played, but it’s not coming through my speakers. I checked the VST connections, and the output is set to my Realtek HD speakers (as they should be). Any ideas?

Go to device setup and see if the right audio driver is selected.


I just went through the same experience.
I record guitar-tracks to a vst-backround. My equipment is as follows; Guitar into a guitar interface. From there in to my computer via USB. I listen to the music via the phones out on the guitar interface.
In my case it was a configuration problem that was resolved as follows;
internal soundcard sound in set to USB Audio Codec
internal soundcard sound out set to USB Audio Codec
Now go to Devices and then Device setup.
In the pop-up menu choose VST audio system. Up to the right choose USB Audio Codec. Click ok.
Now go to VST-connections. Choose USB Audio Codec for inputs and outputs.

That made the trick for me. I don´t know what stuff you use but, maybe it´s worth a try.