Cubase 5 extreme audio problem


Cubase 5 with Mbox2 runs fine on my macbook pro but it won’t do it on my Win7 x64.
I installed the x64 version of Cubase, updatet it to the latest patch, Mbox 2 Mini drivers are up to date. (

So here is my problem. Recorded audio (and the click track) wont play back in a normal fashion. It’s stuttering it’s way through the region with cracks, pops and general distortion while using the ASIO driver “ASIO Digidesign Driver Mbox 2”. On every buffer size. It is a bit better on 4096 but the clicks and pops still remain.

I did read when W7 was new that many had problems but new drivers came and it seemed to be sorted out.

Funny part is tho that Virtual insturments play back fine without problems.
I can switch to the DirectX ASIO driver and the audio is fine but who can record anything with that latency?

It might be a driver issue with the mbox on a 64 bit Windows 7 system, and it could be a Cubase 5 issue.
So I guess that my question is if anyone else is running C5 on a W7 setup with an MBox2?

If it’s the soundcard then I’ll have to unplug all the cables, and hook it up to my mbook pro, each time I want to be creative or by the MBox 3 if that works.

Many thanks to anyone whom sheds any light on this lil problem of mine.


Uhm… I actually think I’ve fixed my problems.

Tried the ASIO4All route, set that as my ASIO Driver and mapped it to my MBox. Although it only works from buffer size 512 and upwards. I think I’m fine.

Still if you have the same problem or have solved the same problem, I’m all ears! :nerd:


This sounds like it could be a hard drive problem. What type of drive are you recording to / playing from?
7200 rpm? Defragmented? Plenty of room? How many tracks are you recording at a time?
Is it an internal drive or an external drive?

Thanks, but it’s not the harddrive… If so I should have the exact same problem in Pro Tools. But I don’t.

It’s a 7200RPM with over 340GB of free space. It’s an internal, but I have the same problem in Cubase with an external USB drive, the latter also works with C5 on my macbook pro.

And so there is no doubt… It’s only 1 track… (which while now using the ASIO4ALL driver plays back fine).

It’s the Avid ASIO drivers.