Cubase 5 full install

Hi all !
Well , i’ve searched on the forum but i found the same (quite useless) old q/a , so i ask it again in the hope that some Steinman read this post.
Is it possible to download the full installer of cubase 5 ?
I’m a registered user of a legit cubase v9.5 , but i would need of this old version for a full backwards compatibility , i wrote to Stein in mysupport , but no answer till now.
Thank U in advance !

You’ll have to wait for support to respond, but you can also just use Cubase 6.5 instead which is available here:

Thank you for the answer @Romantique Tp !
I just wanna be sure the old projects wil be 100% compatible with c6.5 , can you confirm that ?

They should work fine, Cubase 6 and 6.5 are the versions that are the closest to Cubase 5.

Most old projects should actually work perfectly fine even in Cubase 9.5 (unless you used 32 bit plugins without 64 bit versions, then you’ll need jBridge), but if you’re unsure, Cubase 6.5 should be good enough.

I’m sure of this , the fact is my old projects are LAN based via FXT (32bit) so c9.5 is absolutely out of discussion !
Thank you again !

I may test it before I do my reformat, so that if anything goes wrong… well, time for a clean install anyways.
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I’m mostly interested in this to see if it allows multiple ASIO software programs to be open at the same time, so I can have a video editor like Adobe premiere, and Cubase open at the same time.