Cubase 5 - high pass filter?

Hi all, I’m using the ancient Cubase 5.
Is there an high pass filter built in with the 5? Where can it be found?
If not: any compatible plug ins recommended?
Thanks in advance!
Mr K

It’s in the EQ sections of the mixer or channel settings dialogue. The first and last bands can be set to shelving or high/low pass filters.

Yes, I already use the regular EQ. But I’d like a separate filter for cutting low bass off. Not possible?

No, unfortunately, there are no separate high/low pass filters in Cubase 5. However, you can use VST2 version of this free plugin: MBandPass | MeldaProduction

What’s wrong with Studio EQ?

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You’re right, I didn’t realize that StudioEQ existed already in Cubase 5 :wink:

Hi both, and thanks for helping me! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the built in 4 band EQ (that’s “Studio EQ”, right?).

I just wanted to have a separate filter to cut the lowest bass frequencies, in order to use all four bands in the EQ to other things than cutting.

No, the “channel EQ” and StudioEQ both look similar, but StudioEQ is a separate plugin that can be used as an insert effect. It is available in the full version of Cubase, though. Not in Cubase Studio.

OK. Not sure I understand 100 %.

You say that StudioEQ is available in the full version, not in “Cubase studio”. What is “Cubase studio”?

My version is only called “Cubase 5”, isn’t that a full version? Should “studioEQ” be available in my version, besides the “channel EQ”? (If so, how do I find it?)

Yes, Cubase 5 is the full version, so you should have StudioEQ available among the insert effects.


Thanks to you both!