Cubase 5 I can hear the metronome in my recording

I’m a newbie at cubase but I have this weird issue, when recording guitar, the metronome also records (I can literally hear the metronome in my recording when the guitar stops lol), how is that even possible? :open_mouth: I’m using cubase 5 with a lexicon usb sound card, on windows 7. Haven’t found any working solutions yet, could you guys help me out? :blush:

Have you tried turning off the metronome during playback or during your exporting process?

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Hey! First of all thanks for your reply! Of course the metronome is off during the playback (I’m not that newbie tho :smiley: ) You can just barely hear it in the background but pretty annoying! Must be something with the metronome settings I guess?

Well you never know how new a newbie is until you start a conversation. :wink:

I don’t see anything wrong with your setup but, I can tell you a few experiences that I have had when my metronome was recorded at a very low volume.

1 - While recording my acoustic guitar (or vocals) using a mic the metronome sound leaked past my headphones and was picked up by the microphone which recorded a very low volume metronome sound heard during playback. I fixed this by purchasing a new set of headphones that isolated the sound better.

2 - While recording my electric guitar the metronome was recorded through the guitar pickups. Same fix as above (I now also use the lowest volume necessary to hear the metronome) but I also notice that my guitar pickups will record voices and such if the voices are loud enough. This is most noticeable at the end of a guitar take when the last chord or note is trailing off and I or someone starts talking too soon during that trailoff. That can spoil a good guitar take.

That’s all I got for ideas. Hopefully others will chime in with a few more. Good luck.

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Well indeed… :sunglasses:

I’m not using microphone, I plug my guitar into the sound card, it could be the pickup thing but I’m using headphones :cry: there is no way for the pickups to record any sound (especially the metronome in this case) and yes, I mostly hear it at the end of my chords.

I have to admit it’s not always happening, only in a certain project files and once I heart it I can’t stop it and can’t do anything about it- using the same volume and settings in every project. :confused: :cry:


Mmmm… Sounds very similar to what I listed in #2 (no mic, just a guitar plugged into an audio interface). This happens with all of my stringed instruments but mostly when I use my strat that has active pickups. Very sensitive indeed. The pickups act similar to a microphone when it comes to recording unwanted stuff like talking. They will record sounds just being near the electrical signals.

Try some experiments like lowering the metronome volume as much as possible, or moving the guitar position differently in relation to your headphones or monitors (meaning try playing in a standing or sitting position). Even try a different guitar cable or move the cable to a differing position. For me, all these things definitely make a difference. Hopefully you will stumble onto something where you can get this under control.

Again, hope others chime in here. Good luck.

As a last resort you may have to wrap yourself, your guitar, and your computer in aluminum foil to block all interference. :wink:

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