Cubase 5 installation


is there a way to download original Cubase 5 installation somewhere?

The thing is, I have Cubase 7, and I have a client, who would like me to help him with his C5 projects, he’d send me a C5 project, I’d work on it, save it and send back to him. Currently I can’t do that because he won’t open projects I saved with C7. I heard that a Cubase license includes all previous versions, but was only able to find Cubase 6 (it is on Steinberg’s ftp).

It’s not there, I can only find Cubase 5 updates there, and no original installation… Maybe Steinberg intentionally pulled it.

Apart from the trials and C7 there are no full versions downloadable from the Steinberg server.

Get the original disc from your client.