Cubase 5 installer, where can i find?

Hi, i have license for cubase 7.5 and i need cubase 5 installer for PC, what i have to do?? I can show my elicenser number. Suppor redirect me to Brazilian support witch is my country and they don’t help me.

My elicenser is 1143429 5355FD

Can somebody send me the original installer please?? With a 64 bit PC version ?


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Thanks curteye, but this is just updates!


Ma Bad!

I don’t why support isn’t at least responding, telling you to take a hike at least. And I have no idea if they offer such a download as Curt seems to at least ‘suggest’ (?)

But when I asked a similar question in the forums about a month ago…my question was if I bought Cubase version 7, could I obtain any other previous version(s). As I recall, a mod answered by saying ‘something like’, I could contact Steinberg and make a ‘request’. So it sounded like it was at least possible, but not a definite ‘yes’.

Unless someone is going to send you a Cubase 5 install - which I don’t know if that’s even legal, therefore people may not want to risk doing that. On ebay about a month ago, I saw a Cubase 5 install disk for sale for like $10.00, just the install disk, no manual, no license, no dongle key or anything. I was actually considering on buying it myself, but since I don’t have a license for, or above that for running it, it would be a loss of $10.00. Maybe there’ll be another one available on ebay at some point if Steinberg insists on ignoring your request, and no one here sends you an install.

I just looked on ebay, and someone is selling Cubase 5 in the states here right now, but for $399.00, and I can’t tell if they are also selling it with the license/dongle, though it says “new & unopened” ?

My elicenser numer is 1143429 5355FD

i search if older versions work before buying it, because i’m not 100% on cubase 7 yet. And to be 100% with some clients projects i need older also.

So yeah, support supose to send me.