Cubase 5 ISO?


Is there anywhere can officially download the Cubase 5 ISO? I lost my installation disc and don’t see it listed in the downloads section of


Have you contacted Steinberg ?

If you are registered I would imagine Steinberg Support would be able to help you.

I am also looking for it, I have bought 8 Pro, but my friends projects just behaves weird in my Cubase, I want to test it back in version 5. I wrote a week ago to the support, no one contacted me yet. If anyone got it, please share it if it’s not against the rules of course.

Hello, loopdokter and Equivalent.

We’re not exactly fast with e-mails these days. Sorry.

You both have PM.


Hi Fabio,

Thanks for the PM, however the links you provided seem to have become parsed by whatever software that this board uses. Can you please send them again? Perhaps as an HTML attachment or something like that?



sorry for that - re-sent and checked the PM after sending it. Should work this time :blush:


Same goes for me - have been using logic for years but want to upgrade my old cubase 5 to 8 have the license usb key but lost my installation disc and don’t see it listed in the downloads section of

could you help me?

No Cubase installation is needed, only the usb key with the license on it.

Ok. Not sure i understand - if i wanna upgrade from 5 to 8 and i dont have the 5 installation disc then what do i do.
Just buy the upgrade 5-8 ? or how

I lost my Cubase 5 installation also could some one direct me to where I can down load the iso please or a place to purchase a replacement cd ? thanks

I also have lost my cubase 5 cd. can i get some help to get a new one?


Hello i need to download a Cubase 6 Iso because i got a Macbook Pro retina with no optical drive and i can’t install the disks. Hope you can help me

You can use the DVD drive of another Mac or Windows PC on your network. For Windows, you will need to download a utility from Apple’s Web site. Then your Mac will recognise the DVD from the windows PC as if it was a local drive.

Is that so? thats great new, you know a tutorial or the name of that utility? also you know if the install doesnt corrupt or something because its ‘‘on the air’’?

thank you for your help!

Please can I have a link to download the Cubase 5 ISO please ? I have lost my installation disc

Just noticed your question. Here it is:

You shouldn’t have any problem installing over the air.

If you have registered your cubase licence with steinberg, use MySteinberg to find the product in the list and click on “support” option. Explain that you’ve lost the installation CD and they may be able to help you with this.

Hi, I am a long time cubase 5 user but new to this forum. Recently, I’ve been trying to re-install cubase 5 from my manufacturer’s disk, using a zero down time temporary license that I have yet to fully activate. Only to find, that after wading through hours of tedious licensing issues, that my Cubase 5 disk is not being read properly by my dvd/cd- drive.

Long story short, I need a link to an ISO or an installer for the full cubase 5. To use, with my zero downtime licensing software while I wait to have the real license updated. This is time sensitive, PLEASE HELP!

Contact support directly through your MySteinberg like mentioned above. The forum isn’t the place for official support.

so want to make an update to my cubase I have the cds but I don’t hav a CD DRIVE in my new Mac
I have cubase 5 I have the license key I just want to get the new cubase 9 what do I need to do ?