Cubase 5 & Kontakt 2 player issues - hissing on export

I am working with Cubase 5 on Mac Book Pro and Steinberg MR 816x (all updated). I use Kontakt 2 as my player for V1 samples and have noticed that once I export a project from cubase as mp3/wav/aiff, there is this random hissing on the file. It plays back fine in realtime within the cubase project and if I freeze tracks, I don’t get the hiss. This problem is intermittent but has suddenly got worst. My projects are normally 44/24 bit.

If anyone has any troubleshooting they can suggest I would be grateful, other than just reinstalling everything. I have already reinstalled kontakt a few times and it is updated. I don’t have the same problem with any of my other VSTs, just the kontakt one.

Alternatively if anyone knows of a different player I could use to play the V1 samples that would be good to know, although I’m not sure if one can separate the two things as they are installed together.

Thanks :smiley: