Cubase 5 + Korg X50 + Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

I have a Korg X-50 synth and Cubase 5, on a PC. Up to now, I’ve been connecting via USB to PC to get MIDI.

Today, I bought the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 audio interface with a view to buying studio monitors. I hooked my synth up to the two inputs on the audio interface and then connected the interface via USB to the PC. All seemed to work fine. I ensured the settings were correct in Cubase in terms of ASIO driver and buses - all correct.

In my windows audio settings, I selected PC speakers as playback (I use a SoundBlaster Z soundcard in my PC), and the audio interface as record.

When I recorded an audio track in Cubase with my headphones connected to the X50, it recorded fine. However, when I came to play back, there was no sound.

The only way I could figure out to get sound, was to save the project, close Cubase, restart and change back to Creative ASIO, open the project and play back.

Is there no quicker/simpler way in which I can get the audio to play back through my PC speakers but to record using the audio interface??

Many thanks,


Yep, the quick way is connecting your PC speakers to your audio interface :wink:.
Although windows works fine using several different audio interfaces simultaneously for in and output (windows doesn’t use ASIO drivers), Cubase doesn’t because it can only run 1 ASIO driver at the time. Since your creative ASIO driver can’t access the focusrite, and similarly the focusrite ASIO driver can’t access your onboard soundcard, there is no way to use both in Cubase at the same time.

I suggest you connect your speakers to the Focusrite (and in windows set your default output to the Focusrite). That way you no longer need your creative soundblaster for anything, your audio interface is now in charge of all the in and outputs of your computer.

Note that you should be able to switch the ASIO driver in Cubase without restarting, but it’s still inconvenient.