Cubase 5 LE 64 bit

I’ve been using Cubase 5 LE bundled with my audio interface but recently I bought more RAM and updated Windows to 64 bit version. On the DVD there’s only 32 bit version, is there any way I can get 64 bit copy of the installer?
Thanks in advance.

If you are registered at MySteinberg, can you d/l it from there if a 64 bit version is available ?

That’s what I did for the 64 bit version for Cubase LE7

I’m afraid I can’t, download option is nowhere to be found. There’s only eLicenser stuff.

I found this, not sure if it helps.

I notice there’s a 64 bit version but not sure if this is for LE5.

If this doesn’t help, ask Support as it looks like there could be a 64 bit version of LE5

I can’t do that as well because it seems that LE 5 is not a supported product anymore… I can only write an email to one of the distributors but they won’t help me, that’s for sure.

Did you try PM’ing a Mod and asking ?

id really like to know the answer to this aswell;
is Cubase LE5 64bit?
why would they make the flagship cubase 5 64bit and not do the same for the LE version of 5?