Cubase 5 LE help.

I can’t seem to figure this out. This is my first try at anything like this. I have recently bought a Digitech Rp 500 pedal and I’m trying to set it up to record. I have changed the device to the RP500 in device setup but I don’t quite understand the inputs and outputs. When I hook up my guitar I can see the level rising as I play it, so I know it recognizes it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Start here …

Also, you should have a PDF manual to read.

Report back. (hopefully in the LE/AI forum with a more descriptive topic title :stuck_out_tongue: )

Same problem here, Steinberg thinks that we all have the time to play around, thats why we get stupid manuals that are written in much to technical words, hey man i take my guitar and i want to play not study a manual.

Click on “File–> Import–> Audio File” and import an Audio File. Is not possible is greyed out

Even a midi file is not played

Hehe at last i have mp3 audio

If you don’t have the time, how is that Steinberg’s fault?

The “stupid manual” is written in technical terms because Cubase is a highly technical application.

Try posting your own topic in the proper forum section with a detailed description of your problem.

What’s stopping you from playing your guitar? Are you trying to read the manual while playing?

If all else fails, I have one of these I can give you …

… I’m pretty sure it came with a manual, too :mrgreen: .

He´s absolutely correct. It´s the same with those guitar manufacturers. They think I have the time to learn how to play a guitar . I just want to take it and be Mr. guitar hero, not wasting time on learning how to play it…

I am also a scubadiver and i expect nothing than quality, it seems that if some product is not for protecting your life than you can expect nothing. My tascam us 144 mkii is a weird stupid thing but my digitech RP 355 can keep the pace.

You’re a scuba diver and have no time to learn how to use your tools? Man … that’s a DEADLY combination!

Ah Mister Tascam, I hope you still have time to do other things than posting on forum sites.

If I’m “Mister Tascam”, I appreciate your concern.

Yes, for example I just pulled up a Cubase project which I recorded some vocals for yesterday. I thought I’d do some tweaking with fresh ears.

How about yourself?

Did you ever find any time to RTFM?

As far as my posting on this forum, the majority of my posts seem to help people who are having difficulties. Is there something wrong with that?