Cubase 5 Mavericks No Rewire?


I stupidly upgraded to Mavericks with Cubase 5. So far Cubase seems to work fine stand-alone however I don’t see any Rewire option when I open Reason. (Running Reason 7)

Does anyone know a solution? Should I try the free Cubase 5 upgrade?

Incidentally when trying to rewire Ableton & Reason together my Mac says ‘OpenTransport’ required to be installed on Mas OS. Has anybody tried this?



Having exact same problem as you Gary,i’m on windows 7 64bit though not a mac like you.
I also am using the focusrite saffire 2 in 4 out soundcard and the Helix Phonic 12 firewire mixer.
Cannot see any sign of Rewire in Devices menu and cubase 5(updated to latest 5,3 upgrade to 64 bit) refuses to sync with my korg drum machine.
I can playback reason sounds and hear them but its not synced to cubase,when i press play in cubase i only get cubase playing and not Reason,when i press play in Reason it plays back but Cubase does not.
Where are those Rewire channels?
I can press play or hit the pads on the korg drum machine and hear playback,it seems that Cubase just doesn’t want to sync to anything.