Cubase 5 Midi CC Control delay?

I got a Behringer BCR to control some basic functions in cubase.

I assigned the rotaries to Volume, Pan etc. and that works like a charm.

But when I tried to assign some buttons to Mute, Solo, Record etc. I ran into some trouble.

I assigned one of the buttons to solo.
Normally, when you hit “s” on the keyboard, the selected track is solo’ed and the remaining tracks become muted.

That’s not the case with the CC button.
When you hit the CC button to solo the track, the solo button is activated instantly, yet the rest of the tracks don’t become muted for another 3 seconds.

The same is with the Record function. When you hit the *, it records without problem, yet when you hit a CC button to record, the record button turns red but it doesn’t actually start recording for another 3 seconds. Likewise if you hit the CC to stop recording, it doesn’t stop recording for another 3 secs.

I also tried to assign some midi keys to control those parameters, to see if it wasn’t just the Behringer that was causing trouble, and it’s definitely some bug within Cubase.

I appreciate the help, and thanks for reading.

Alright I figured out a workaround.

In the Generic Remote panel I did:
Mixer -> Selected -> Mute
(This causes the delay problem)

Instead I did:
Command -> Edit -> Mute

Sorry to bother