Cubase 5, MR816x, 88.2khz = no input signal!

AS the title implies if I set a project to 88.2khz I get no input into cubase with the mr816x!

44.1 = input
48 = input
88.2 = no input

seriously this added to my other issues with rewire issues i am getting totally sick of steinberg completely!


or at least some answers


Hello Greg,

Sorry for the trouble. Does 96kHz also fail to give input? What input are you selecting (if it one of the ADAT inputs, that could easily be the problem)?

Operating System? Version and build of Cubase and the MR816 driver? Anything else that you are syncing the device to?

Havent tested 96 yet will later.

Set up is Cubase 5.5.2
latest mr816x drivers from steinberg site
input im trying to get signal on is input 1 of the first mr816x
I have 2 MR816x hooked up via firewire.

I literally switched between the sample rates in the project setup and it works on 44.1 and 48 but not 88.2


Hi Greg,

You might double check the VST connections on the Inputs tab to verify that they are still properly connected. Does output still work if you import an audio file?

Checked all that.

There is no input or output!

Its like the device just doesnt work!

So what am I supposed to do…

Not sure if you are aware of my other issues on this thread :

I am seriously losing faith in Steinberg right at this minute!

I trully hope you can tell me what to do!

If you can tell me of a mainboard and cpu combination that definately works perfectly in win 7 pro 64bit running cubase 5.5.2 32bit and reason 5.0.1 then I am happy to spend money on making a system that works definately! (not that mine should have problems but alas i have no other thoughts!)

I have lost thousands over the last months trying to sort this crap out!


Ok so now I can get sound at all sample rates… Dont ask me how now it is just doing it for me no reason why…

Major drop outs though at 88.2khz even at say 768 buffers…

this who fiasco is killing me a little inside! I am a creative producer who has clients and also just has a need to create and I simply cant with the issues i am facing…

Please someone just tell me how i can have this working


Hello Greg,

I would recommend that if you are still having a problem, contact your local tech support. If you are in the US, send a Support Request Form from We will be back in the office on Wednesday the 29th, and we can setup an appointment with you to help solve the problem. Merry Christmas!


I am in Australia and as wonderful as the guys in the support area here in Australia are they are just acting as a middle person between me and Steinberg Headquarters which is very frustrating…

I am more than happy to organize a time for me to call Steinberg Support in the USA and talk to them if you believe they have the knowledge required to sort this issue out.

I have been a tech support person locally here in Brisbane Australia for many years and have solved many issues for many people in that time…

I am at a loss with this one I for the life of me cannot find the reason why there is no stability within cubase and its midi engine on my system.

Thank you for taking the time to get back to me…

Please advise me on how I can organize to speak to Steinberg USA support to try and solve these problems…

Thank you


Hello Greg,

I’m sorry but each distributor can only provide support for their region. But I am happy to keep trying to help you here in my free time. Let’s get some info:

  1. What is your operating system?
  2. What is the processor in your system?
  3. How much RAM do you have loaded?
  4. What firewire card are you using in the computer?
  5. If you connect just one MR816, and test at 88.2 and 96, do you get the same dropouts?

I’ll keep an eye on this, and hopefully we can find a solution.

This is OT, but I wanted to comment on Chris being engaged to this extent, it’s great.

Hope to see that some more, thanks Chris.


Hey Chris…

I Seem to be able to run at any sample rate now… There are lots of audio drop outs though… Also my biggest issue is the Midi timing issues with cubase rewiring to reason as per my topic here :

This is a major issue that is not only affecting me… I have read a few other posts in regards to the same issue on the old forums and also in regards to a similar problem with external synths…

To Answer your questions

  1. What is your operating system? Windows 7 professional 64bit
  2. What is the processor in your system? Intel i5 760
  3. How much RAM do you have loaded? 4 gig kingston ddr3
  4. What firewire card are you using in the computer? PyroAV pcix which has a TI chipset and is not sharing any resources
  5. If you connect just one MR816, and test at 88.2 and 96, do you get the same dropouts? yes I do.

To add to your system questions.
Mainboard is : Intel DP55WB

Software running is :
Cubase 5.5.2 32bit
Reason 5.0.1
Waves Platinum 7
Waves JJP 7

The exact same problem existed on the following setup

Cubase 5.5.1
Reason 4.0.1
1 x Yamaha O1X
2 x Yamaha i88x
OS : Windows XP Pro 32bit
CPU : intel i5 760
MB : Intel dp55wb
Ram : 4gig Kingston ddr3
Waves Platinum V5.9.7

I am concerned that the problem lies either in the mainboard or even in the processor and cubase not being friendly as previously I ran a Pentium Dual Core system on a gigabyte mainboard with xp pro 32bit with the o1x and i88xs with cubase 5.5.1 and reason 4.0.1 and it was rock solid never missed a beat…

As I have stated numerous times and I have even started a completely new thread for what im about to mention…

I am wiling to purchase a new mainboard and/or CPU if steinberg can tell me exactly what mainboard/processor to buy… I have a strong feeling that cubase doest not like the i series intel processors and is causing these timing issues even though on steinbergs recommendation page they state that they are stable with the i processors.

I have not been able to work properly and am letting numerous clients down due to these issues. I cannot stress that enough…

I truly appreciate you taking time out to help get to the bottom of this Chris. It truly means alot.

Yours in hopefully recording again asap…

Greg Tschernez

Hi Greg,

You may have already seen this, but here is a guide on resolving MR dropouts:[keyword_search]=MR816

I would recommend testing with 1 unit. Start a new empty project and start with 1 audio track. Use YSFWUtility to find the best combo for your system. Get reliable performance with one track, and then go to 8. Find the combo that will give reliable performance at 8, and then move up to 16.

After that, move up to testing with the 2nd unit (note: you cannot set the YSFWUtility to S200 and still use two devices).

There is not a specific combo of motherboard/processor that we recommend beyond the general recommendations at

Please let me know what combo seems to work best for your system.


I have Done all that and still have issues. It is unacceptable that on my old
Daw which was a pentium dual core with 2 gig of ram with the o1x and 2 i88xs I could run at 128 samples stable and glitch free. Yet on this new high spec system I can’t run stable at 512 samples
Or lower.

I have used the FireWire utility you mentioned and it made a difference to the audio dropouts but I can’t run amp simulations live at such high latencies.

This is not a solution this is a bandaid that just introduces more problems.

My system as you can see meets your recommendation on your website.

Yet it does not perform with your software satisfactorily.

The midi timing issue is my biggest gripe. That HAS to be acknowledged and sorted out.

I am asking weather you have tested My cubase rewire reason midi riming issue. If you can confirm it happens on your test machines I want to know. If your test machines perform faultlessly with cubase rewire reason in regards t midi timing on playback then I want to know make and model of mainboard and CPU and even brand of ram I. The machine you are running so o can just buy those components.

There is a major bug and it is not vetting acknowledged and dealt with.

I’m sorry if I sound ungrateful or angry but I am losing a lot of money not to mention my sanity here.

I don’t want to have to change to a different host software like pro tools or sonar. I have been a cubase supporter since sx1 and don’t have time to learn a new system. That being said I’m running out of time and patience with steinberg!


Hello Greg,

Well typically at this point I would remote into the system to see if there was anything else that struck me with regard to the system. In the past, I have personally seen everything from a wireless mouse to a video card (even without sharing IRQ) choke the system. I would suggest contacting support in Australia and seeing if they can help you further with it.

Also, considering the system has seen some odd behavior with 88.2 output and other things that seem to be fixed without any system adjustment, you might want to consider a fresh install of Windows. If it were my system, here is what I would do:

Wipe the system and use one hard drive, the motherboard video output (if possible), the firewire card, and one MR816. Install only Cubase 5, 5.5.2, and the latest driver for the MR (no plugins, no other programs). Test it here. Assuming all goes well, move on to the 2nd MR (again, testing without any plugins). Then add some Steinberg built-in plugins, then install and add 3rd party plugins.

Another consideration might also be one of the firewire cards from this list:[productfamily]=12

I haven’t had a chance to look over the MIDI issue, but I will see if I can try it this week before I go on vacation. I will post any responses I have on that post to try to keep things organized. Hope you have a happy new year!