Cubase 5 - No sound in any projects

I was messing with some settings to get my mic back in working order with Cubase, while having audio play out my computer’s default speakers. I’ve done this many a time in the past, however this time, when I got the mic set up in my ASIO settings, all of the sudden all audio became null, both input and output. The Output bar shows no audio even as you see the line run over the vocals waves. The input registers nothing from my microphone.

My Audiobox is on, and all of my input/output VST connections are set up.

I do not have monitor mode on in any of my tracks either.

I don’t know what the problem could be, and if anyone could shed some light on the subject that would be great.
PS. None of my projects can record or play back sound, no old ones, no brand new ones.

Troubleshooting is not fun!

2 rules:
Only do one thing at a time.
Try everything.

Reboot the computer, unplug everything, start with a blank song. Anything and everything you can think of. Nice if you have more hardware to test with. Like if I take some ram out of one computer and put it in another to see if it works there type of deal.

Good to put your equipment and info in your signature.

Good Luck.

I am having the same problem .first i was unable to connect my midi all of a sudden then i reinstall the windows and now i can’t have audio output in my focus rite interface when i put it on asio then i can but when i am switching it on focus rite then i am unable to have output audio .


My interface has a WDM driver for windows sounds and an ASIO driver for music.

I work in 48k and windows sounds are 44.1k. When the interface is working right they both work without problems but sometimes there’s problems.

There’s a setting somewhere like release driver in background or something like that in cubase.

If that’s not set then nothing works other than your cubase if it’s running.

Solution for me is have a computer for surfing and a computer for music.

More is usually the answer to all pro audio problems.