Cubase 5 No Sound.

Sorry to re-post but hopefully I’ve explained my problem a little better.

After analyzing a (vocal) audio segment, I click on the segment with my mouse (as I’ve done hundreds of times before) listen to the audio and make whatever changes I feel are needed, but now, for some odd reason I cannot hear the audio when I clock on it with my mouse. I’ve never had this happen before nor have I made any changes that might trigger a result such as this. Now, while in the VariAudio window, if I click PLAY it plays the solo’d out segment and I can hear it without any problem but, once again, when I click on the segment with my mouse, I cannot hear the audio.

What might cause this and, how can I fix it?

Why do you have to start a new topic about the same thing, when you not even answered the questions about your settings concerning acoustic feedback I asked you in the other thread… :unamused:

I apologize, I’m new to the forum and just wanted to explain my issue a little better, I didn’t realize I could have simply done that under my original topic. I didn’t answer your previous questions re; acoustic feedback because I cannot find “acoustic feedback” anywhere in my settings. :unamused:

My question to you is, do you know for a fact that the “acoustic feedback” is where the problem is and, where it can be fixed?

I’m of the opinion it’s not a simple fix, if it were I would have received either a simple solution by now, or I would have fixed the problem myself. I’ve been a Cubase user since 2007 and I’ve never had this issue before.

Well, since you´re using Cubase or almost 4 years now, you might try to learn how to use its pdf manuals search function… :bulb:
One arrow in the image below shows the acoustic feedback button, the other the audition level fader.
Of course I do not know for a fact that this is the problem (there are several settings and routing possiblities to lose the signal somewhere…), but at least I seem to have one more idea than you, where to start looking for the problem, (and if that´s not it, I maybe got one or two more) It´s up to you - take it or leave it…
There is a good possibility it is such a simple fix. And since you´ve don´t seem to have heard of the “acoustic feedback button” before, that might well be the reason, you can´t fix this problem yourself…

WOW, amazing…you’re a Cubase genius…problem solved :smiley: