Cubase 5 - Old software vs. newer computer


Ive been useing Cubase 5 since 2010. For me is enough and i dont want to upgrade to newer DAW. As VST i`m useing: Waves 7, Fab-Filter, Izotope 5.

When i had an old generetion of computer (32-biti, Dual-core, 2 Gb DDR2 etc.), didnt have any crushes or problems. Since ive got a more leveled up computer (64-biti, Qadro-core xenon, 8 GB DDR3 etc.), problems started. Sometimes cubase didn`t recognize sound card, espacially when i imported old project from the old computer, or crashes. But espacielly: cubase stop for few second and then continues playing. And happends on and on every 30 seconds.


Should I try an 32-bit version of Windows?
Should I buy a 2010 configuration PC? So PC and software to be at the same age? :laughing:

P.S 1: I use an E-MU 0404 USB and Focusrite Scarlet 2i4 USB. The same problem with both soundcards pluged.
P.S 2: Sorry if my english is not perfectly corect. :blush:

God Bless!

Which version of Windows are you using? And which version was the old system?

Windows 7 on both. From the same DVD.

So you used to run the 32 bit version of Win7 but now you’re running the 64bit version?

You can’t use any 32bit plugins. You can if you want to with additional software. Then there’s another layer of processing, much better having a 64bit machine with 64bit plugs.

Make sure that you have the latest driver for your soundcard.

Make sure this is a clean machine, best if this is a dedicated machine.
But don’t let programs do whatever they want. Control what runs.
You’re using the audio system and computer at it’s limits just to have a DAW with a lot of processing going.
No room for the computer to be checking for updates for some program right when you’re recording something.

Ive been useing Cubase 5 since 2010. For me is enough and i dont want to upgrade.<<

They have come up with a lot of new ways to do things that make life easier in a home studio setting, DAW’s are amazing now.
Besides that, you may not have a choice.
Time marches on.
I upgraded some machines but others are just sitting, going to goodwill because you can’t use XP to stream movies so you have to upgrade OS.
You’ll want some hardware/software someday and it will require you to upgrade.
Eventually the benefits outweigh the costs.

What sample rate are you using?
I noticed that your interface can run at a high sample rate.
There’s a good way to burn up a lot of processing for no discernible returns.

I can’t imagine going back to Cubase 5 after using Cubase Pro 9. Cubase 5 is almost 10 years old, but it feels much older than that because the newer versions are much faster and better to work with.

I don`t want to invest in newer DAW and software. I can do just fine with what I have.

Cubase 5 and VST i`m useing, all work only at 32-biti. Everything when i install, i instal in the Program Files (x86) folder

I work at 44.100 Hz, 24-biti. Many times i use wav samples that are at this rate. My sound card can work at 96.000 hz, but is useless to me.

Again, should I install the 32-bit Windows?

I have work in progress at my new studio, and i will buy a new computer. Now im working on my personal computer. Wich im talking about.

AGAIN, should i buy an old configuration PC? Considering old version of DAW and VST?

I just want things to work smooth like in my early sesions in 2010.

I don’t know if you’re having problems because you went from a 32bit os to a 64bit os.

You can install both the 64 and 32 bit versions of cubase, try that and see if the 32bit version works.

Cubase 5 doesnt have the 64-bit option. Its a only 32 biti DAW.

I guess that might be my next step if I didn’t want to upgrade my software I would have to downgrade my OS.

Maybe, worth a try I guess.

It was working on your old computer.

A computer should be the same. The only thing that changes is the operating system to take advantages of new instructions that are available etc.
Unless your new computer just has problems. Faulty power supplies are the biggest culprit, fluctuating voltages can cause software errors.
Does your new computer process video and other heavy tasks ok?

Neah…i only make music on it with the old software im speaking about. And i play some games that ar not very fancy on requerments. I bought a refurbisht computer. I think ill try the 32-bit ideea. I have a friend who got the same problems since he bought powerfull PC.

Thanks for advice and for your time.