CUBASE 5 (PC) and LOGIC (MAC) - Can Work Together?

Hello there,

I need to control two different DAWs from a laptop. More specifically, when I press ‘play’ from ‘Logic pro’ on my Mac I would like also automatically to play the ‘Cubase 5’ project in my PC.

Is it possible?

Ps: I have a mac laptop with only USB ports and a Native Instruments Audio 2 sound card (usb connected)

and a PC with TC Electronic Impact Twin Sound Card (firewire connected)


Have you been able to get a way to work this out? I am now in same situation.

You might want to look into network midi and or network rewire.

I know you can setup network midi between the two I don’t know about network rewire. You could use rtp midi on the PC, have a control surface connected to the PC, use network midi on the mac via ethernet, press play on the control surface, install the control surface in logic using the network midi ports and on the PC in Cubase using the real midi port. Control surface will control both programs but… I’d suggest only setting the send from the PC to the mac, not the read, otherwise it will get confused as it would recieve conflicting read signals from the daws.

You can’t run two DAWs on the same computer like the OP wanted to do.

Lot of people want to use their old computer along with their new computer to increase processing power.

That can be done with interfaces and midi cables, If both interfaces have ADAT you could send 8 audio channels to the main computer, send midi get back audio. Basically like using your computer to make one of these:

Network midi has interesting possibilities. Audio Networking is out there but expensive.

Some DAWs have networking built in, so you would use the same DAW on both machines and they work together, never tried it.