Cubase 5 Plug-ins into LE8?

I’ve recently acquired Cubase LE8 with a Line 6 interface and have been trying it out. I’d like to import some VSTi’s into it. I also have Cubase 5 which came with the synths Embracer and Monologue. In LE Plug-in Manager, I type in the Plug-in path to where the .dll’s for those two synths are situated, however the search comes back with ‘no new plug-ins found’. Am I missing something? Cubase 5 is the 32-bit version. I assume LE is 64-bit. Could that be the reason why I can’t get the Plug-ins into LE? Or is it simply that I’m trying to do something which can’t be done? Any advice would be appreciated. :wink:

Cubase 5 is also given in 64-Bit, and the VSTi´s got the same possibility to be in VST3.
I´ve also tried to attach Cubase 5-Plug-ins to the current Version Cubase Pro 8.5. it doesn´t work.
Maybe by me it´s the casualty, that the most Plug-Ins are the same, just in an advanced Version.
Anyhow, why it won´t will work. So i keep on this topic, and inform you, if i can get any advance or information
about where the Problem is.

Keep on going.

Thanks, Rob. Still no luck.