Cubase 5 problem Help please!

Hey all
Funny problem just started, I have a backing track of drums bass guitar & keys, I’ve recorded all the vocals on It but when I come to put a guitar solo on, whatever I record plays back just behind the track! If I record another vocal part It’s bang on time when played back!!!

I use Lexicon Lambda as my Midi/audio interface. I have 5ms LATENCY AT 512 SAMPLES. Never had this problem In all the years I’ve had cubase.

Anyone have any idea what’s happening?


Any plugin with latency in the recording chain?

Hi mate
I do have a few plugins running but only reverb and compression, on main stereo out I have L2 maximiser and api560
No delays or echo or anything like that, Seems weird that vocals record OK but not Guitar?

Sorted It, Took the plugins off the mainstereo out put and recorded OK.