Cubase 5 Problem with Exporting


When I go to export a simple two track recording - backing from the Motif XS6 and voice from me - I get the message ‘Not enough space on disc available for export.’ This happens regardless of the file extension type or the length of the piece to be exported - even 10 seconds let alone the full five minutes won’t export.

I’ve tried cutting and pasting the two tracks to be recorded into a completely new project to cut down file size, but this makes no difference. What’s going on? The PC has 918 G/bts of space and only 111 G/bts used so overall space isn’t a problem. Are there some parameters in the cubase files that I need to change or am I being completely stupid by not ticking a box somewhere in the menus?

Do you have your locators set correctly? Blue - good, red - bad.


Thank you VERY MUCH for this advice. I’ve been puzzling at this one all day and it’s now cured thanks to your advice. How simple was that? It’s been a while since I used the software, so I hadn’t remembered the red/blue rule.