Cubase 5 Project audio files gone

Hey everybody,

First of all, if you’re not reading this today, Happy New Year :slight_smile:

Right, so my problem is this…

After a hiatus of 4 years I’ve started producing again on Cubase 5.

I’ve made several projects and once I had something going that I liked I went to backup project, made a new folder and named the project file.

As I go along I usually end up with multiple version of my work.

Wich I then for instance then save as project 1, 2, 3 etc (all in the same project folder).

A few days ago I went into the cubase project folder and I saw 155 folders named ‘Untitled’.

I checked quite a few of them and most had an audio file here and there, but nothing special.

Or so I thought…

I thought Cubase made these to hold temporary files or something, because many of these folders were empty.
After deleting these 155 folders (yes I know), I ended up with deleting all my projects audio files.

Now, my question is…

When I backup a project and want to save a second version in the same folder, apparently cubase does not use the existing audio folder of that project, but saves it elsewhere (Untitled?).

Why is that and is there a way to not having to backup a project with each and every single new version?

(Thus keeping all audio files in the audio-project folder)

Thanks in advance.

I’m starting to think that I asked a dumb question here guys…

Any help?