Cubase 5 question about sampling


I wonder if i can do the following, and if so, how do i do it.
In Cubase, can i sing into a mic and record a wav file. (a short vocal line), a sample essentially.
And from a keyboard, when i hit a note, trigger the timing of the vocal line?, using midi.
For example, in groove agent, can i load, this sample onto a note?

Do i need extra software, if so, what do i need, how much is it etc?


Yes, you can. And you do it the way you mention:
Load it in GAOne (for example) and trigger it from there.
Alternatively you can use any sampler - freeware, or pay, plenty of them out there…

Yes, if you record onto an audiotrack you can just drag the part onto a trigger pad in Groove agent One. You can also slice it in pieces and assing the different pieces to different pads, so you can mash up your line.

ok, thanks guys. I’ll give it a blast later

another question, how does, Nakata Yasutaka (“perfume” producer), on the following song get this vocal effect?
It sounds like chopped up sampling to me…

Listen at 1 minute 39 seconds in…

I asked this question a while back and couldn’t get a definitive answer. My guess is either the sample is getting chopped up (which would be the more time consuming method) or as the sample is being played in real time, a keyboard trigger is enabling the sampler audio with each hit. Without triggering this, the sample would be in mute. If I could figure out how to create that scenario, we could generate that effect.

Thats def chopped up samples. Sounds like they used a few diff vocal notes, chopped them up pretty small, then just placed them accordingly. Something like a stutter effect, but slower and with multiple samples.