Cubase 5 Rewire channels Not showing

I have Cubase 5 with the latest update to make it 64 bit running on windows 7 -64 bit,i upgraded to Reaason 8 this week.
When i go to the Devices menu in cubase 5 there is no sign of Rewire so i cannot enable any Rewire channels to use Cubase 5 as master Rewired to Reason 8(64bit).
Where are the Rewire channels?Can someone tell me if i have to do something else to actually get them to show in Devices menu please?
Do i have to add them in Devices setup?
This is doing my head right in,spent a big chunk of money upgrading both Reason and Cubase and neither of them seem to want to work together like i used to do in old cubase vst,i’m starting to wonder why i even bothered upgrading my system to 64 bit as have had nothing but confusion and problems getting cubase to sync with anything,software or hardware.
Any help would be appreciated,isn’t cubase 5 still supported by steinberg?It would be usefull if they actually helped after paying money to them over the years.