Cubase 5 - Roland Go Keys Output

Hi everyone,
I’m kind of new in Cubase and in music production in general, and i have a problem that i can’t seem to figure out. I’ve searched in i think most of the topics in this forum to something related, but when i think i found the solution for some reason it doesn’t seem to work.
So i have a Roland Go Keys keyboard and i want to record sound in Cubase.
The Roland comes with an usb cable that i connect to the pc for recording as midi or as external instrument, and when i do it the tabs of the recording appear as well as the sound, i see that i receive the input, but the output doesn’t work, and when i save the track as audio mixdown it comes down as silence.
Then i tried to connect the keyboard to the pc with the same cable, and the output of the keyboard to an audio interface (a Behringer U-Phoria UMC22), and the audio interface back to the computer by usb connection. The input that is active in cubase is All Midi Inputs and the Output is the Roland Go Keys. When i do this, the exact same thing happens, the output doesn’t receive a signal and when i export the track is silence.
I’ve tried this process by opening an instrument track as well as the midi track and the result is equal.
Can somebody tell me what am i doing wrong, i’m kind of desperate.


Hello everyone
I have a Roland Go Keys and i have the same problem (vichiçoise). I don’t know what to do now.