Cubase 5 "runtime error C+++"

Anybody have any ideas on how to fix “runtime error crashes”? I have several projects going that all work but 2 of them! for some reason I am getting a pop up window that keeps showing a "runtime error C+++ everytime i open the project. Sometimes i can play the song for a minute and then the pop-up apearse. When I click on it…it shut cubase down.
Not sure what to do. i am using s PC running Windows 7 Ultimate.

I have that problem myself sometimes as well.
Not when Im working, or opening a project - its when Im closing a project.
My guess is that it is my Kontakt that is the problem.

If I have the vst panel open as I close a project, all the vsts “removes” from the panels except Kontakt.
So my guess its my Kontakt

I’ve had this problem too. There are all sorts of things in projects that can cause crashes. Could be a VST that is crashing. In my case it had to do with hovering over tracks with lots of lanes with the scissors tool. When I deleted the tracks, the problem went away. Steinberg was able to repro the problem but hasn’t fixed it. A thread in the old board that I started tracked this problem way back to the early days of Cubase.

The first thing I’d do is take all of the non-Steinberg VSTs out of the VST folder and see if the project still crashes.

The next thing I’d do is try saving as a different project name before it crashes.

I might also go back to an atomatd backup and keep going back until you find one that doesn’t crash.

Also send the crashing CPL file to steinberg support. They can help.

I just installed Kontakt 4 free player and a piano. I now receive this error when trying to use the media browser (f5).