Cubase 5 Setup help


I’m new to the Cubase forum, but not new to Cubase. I’ve gone through several evolutions (back from my Atari Mega ST days) I’m a PC user and just upgraded to Windows 7
I also purchased Cubase Studio 5. My last platform was Cubase ST - I primarily record MIDI and use Cubase for SFX or to help score our shows.
I think I’ve set everything up correctly but am having some interesting problems. I hope someone can help me. I imagine it is something simple that I forgot to set or activate.

The problem: No live MIDI sound - or VST sounds when I play the keyboard. I tried a different keyboard.
The meters on Cubase Inspector and Trnasport bar are registering when I play notes, so it seems to see the MIDI info being played just won’t make sounds or record.
When I hit playback it will play the keyboard with the previosly recorded song data. I can separate tracks - mute solo. I get both MIDI and Audio tracks to play back on my keyboard (Kurzweil PC88). But it won’t do anything when I try to record or play any MIDI sounds.

I am using a Tascam US 144 as my MIDI/Audio Interface and I use an Edirol M-16DX as my mixing console (both connected vis USB) Both are recognized by Cubase and have the latest drivers

I’ve tried switching order, turned things on & off tried every switch or setting I could think of in mt ASIO settings.

In Device Setup - I have MIDI thru on, it recognizes both pieces of equipment there too.

Please help. There has to be something simple that I’m not doing or doing incorrectly!

Brach Thomson
Bigfork Summer Playhouse