Cubase 5 Tracks keep re-arming after stopping transport

In my project, some MIDI tracks are automatically arming themselves after the transport/playback stops. If I disarm a problem track then start & stop playback, the track instantly re-arms itself.

This issue has cropped up many times during this project and it’s more annoying than actually troublesome… i.e. if I dupe the track then delete the original track, the behavior doesn’t occur with the new track.

The same thing correctly happens when the “Solo Record In MIDI Editors” preference is enabled and I have a track opened in an editor, and I do routinely have the “Solo Record In MIDI Editors” prefernce enabled, but in the case of the problem tracks, no MIDI editor windows are open.

Any suggestions?

I am having this same issue with Cubase 7.0.6.

After pressing play and coming to a stop, tracks that I haven’t selected or armed are arming themselves for record. Sometimes as many as 5 or 6 different tracks re-arm, sometimes ones I have previously recorded on, sometimes not. It’s extremely annoying when trying to record takes and has happened a number of times in previous sessions.

It seems to happen after I’ve been working for awhile in a session, and sometimes restarting Cubase makes the issue go away, but it clearly seems like a bug.

Incidentally, my sessions are large networked VE Pro sessions with ~150 midi tracks - don’t know if it happens in smaller sessions or not.

I do have “Enable Record on Selected Midi Track” enabled most frequently, but I have this setting on hotkey and have observed this phantom arming problem with the setting both on and off.