Cubase 5 - tracks resetting and set to stereo

Hey there!

I’ve got an issue with some of my projects. After I save and reload them, some of the tracks lost all of their inserts and automation, also they oddly are stereo tracks (as opposed to mono when I saved the project), the audio file is still there. Strangely, this also happens when I replace the track with a new one and transfer the audio file to the new track.

The only thing I might have done that could have caused this:

  • I switched the ASIO driver once, but I set it back to the original one, so I don’t know why the problem keeps re-occurring
  • I accidentally pressed the read and write mode buttons on some of the tracks while editing. This would explain why it only happens to some of the tracks, but I see no connection between read/write and resetting tracks/replacing a mono with a stereo channel.