Cubase 5 upgrade to 11 new Mac problems

I’m currently using cubase 5 on a 10 ur old MacBook Pro, and I just recently bought a new Mac mini. I’d like to upgrade to 11, or whatever the newest one is. At Sweetwater they told me that it would be possible as long as I have the e-licenser with registration. 5 won’t install on the new machine, so do I just plug in the e-licenser and download the upgrade? I’m confused about the whole process. Also, I bought 5 used on eBay with the e-licenser included (I have the box, books, discs, Dongle, everything) will I run into any problems? I don’t actually remember ever registering it, just activating. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!


My expectation is, you are talking about Cubase Pro, so your license sits on the USB-eLicenser.

You don’t have to install Cubase 5 in any case. Just plug your USB-eLicenser. The eLCC application will recognise Cubase (Pro) 5 license and you are able to update it to the current Cubase Pro 11. Then you can install Cubase Pro 11.

Actually, it’s the same, if you would use any Soft-eLicense, like Cubase Elements, LE, AI. The eLicenser application always recognise your license, from which you can update/upgrade then.

No need to install the old version.

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Yes, cubase 5 pro, sorry. Ok- so now I have the new version of cubase 11 on the new machine, but my old machine won’t open cubase 5 anymore without giving me a message saying I will only have 14 hours?


If you have activated the upgrade already, you would see Cubase Pro 11 license on the USB-eLicenser. Please, trigger Maintenance (or License Database Update) in the eLCC to allow your old eLCC to see and recognize the new license.

You may need to update the database manually: