Cubase 5 upgrade to cubase 13 pro

Many years ago I purchased cubase 5.
Now I want to upgrade to cubase 13 pro.
Could you please tell me the procedure to the upgrade
How do I proof that I already own cubase 5 during the check out of the transaction
Is the usb elicenser dongle required for the upgrade?

Go to the Steinberg website and click the red button “Buy Cubase 13”. Select the edition you want and make sure to chose the right upgrade.

For the transaction to buy the upgrade you need nothing, but when you want to activate Cubase 13 Pro later you need the USB stick connected until the upgrade is done.

Thanks a lot for the answer

How do I activate the cubase 13 pro?

Thanks, very helpful

My cubase 5 license is educational, can I upgrade to 13 pro?

Yes. The update will make your C5 EDU into a 13 Pro full license.

Hi again
What happens if the usb dongle (which holds the license of cubase 5) is damaged or lost, after I purchase the upgrade to cubase 13 pro? Can I get a full refund?

Get a refund for what? Once you have authorised C13 using your elicenser the license will be on the new Steinberg system not on the dongle so you can still use C13 without it.

I mean, if I pay for the Download Access Code and before activating it, I lose or damage the usb dongle. I understood that the usb dongle is necessary for the upgrade.

If that happens you can use steinberg zero downtime. You will get a new C5 licence, but will need a new empty dongle.

That will work only until beginninnig of 2025. The eLicenser Service is required for the dongle and that will shutdown.