Cubase 5 USB Audio Interface Question??

Is it possible to use 2 audio interfaces at one time in Cubase 5.I want to use my MOTU896 and another 8 channels from
my Focusrite Scarlett.Thanks

As far as I know, you can only use more than one audio interface at a time if they’re from the same manufacturer & running under one ASIO driver…unless you can run them both with ASIO4ALL, but don’t hold your breath on that!

I’ve heard of people using 2 separate brands of interfaces at the same time, though only run one interface’s ASIO driver at any given time, and the other interface is just connected to the other via some digital connection (like a piggy-back), just to add more I/0 capability. There was a thread about this some month back…I think that was in the Lounge section. One guy was using an RME and a Motu, and the other guy, two other different interfaces. You’ll have to search.

I can run up to 4 of my audio interface’s in one machine via older PCI …all are from the manufacturer in my case, but my motherboard actually limit’s it down to 3, being that is how many PCI slots I have.

You can probably set up one of your interfaces as “stand alone” and send 8 channels to the other via light pipe.