Cubase 5 Video problem

I am trying to change the audio in a AVI file. I loaded the file and made the changes to the audio and saved it, but it saves as a cubase file. I noticed the “Replace Audio” feature and tried to use it. I noted that it wants the location of the audio file so I did a mixdown to a wave file. When running “Replace Audio”, I entered the video path and then the wav path. But instead of switching the audio, the remaining time dialog constantly increased. It would hit over 1000h if I let it run. What am I doing wrong?


First… Open your project and export just an Audio Mixdown. You’ll use the audio file in the replace process.
Second… You might need to -cConvert the AVI to a Quicktime via QT Pro or any other program with conversion.
Last… Open Cubase and use the Replace Audio function choosing the video and then the new audio file.

Thank you for the reply. I am a complete newbie to video, but I have been doing audio for years. While seaching for a video conversion program, I found a program to switch the playing audio of a video track.

After I made the new movie, saved it and played it, my Wavelab 4.0 has been screwing up. I no longer have the master section (so I cannot render a file). F9 does not work, and when trying to bring it up using the menu, “Use Master Section” is greyed out. Strange.


WL4 is old school and not very useful for video. I just upgraded from WL4 to WL7 and like the improvements but that’s off topic.

I guess you solved you’re audio embedding problem with the other software you downloaded. Kudos.