Cubase 5 VST Bridge error.

Ok, so I lost 3 projects this week because of some weird bug. Cubase looses connection with VST Bridge and the file can no longer be reopened.

There I am, making my song for the third time and suddenly the sound starts stuttering really bad, and that’s when I know: “oh darn, it’s happening again”. So THIS time I thought I could avoid corruption by making sure I don’t accidentally save and immediately turn off Cubase (which is hard in itself at this stage… never know if it will stop responding, and if it will, it cannot be shut down EVEN from processes and I have to reboot). Luckily, Cubase closes just fine and when I go back to open the project, I cannot do it! Even though I didn’t save, not to mention that this time I had 2 backup saves and THEY DON’T WORK EITHER! What is this Steinberg!?

I just did a clean install of Windows and the only thing I have installed is Cubase 5. The only non-cubase plugins that I have installed are three tiny G-Sonique plugins: Alien303, Renegade and XBass4000.

Will I have any chance of reopening my files if I buy JBridge and should I buy it anyway to avoid this happening in the future? I mean it seems weird that I cannot reopen projects that were saved before the bridge crashed, and indeed ones that are saved as a completely separate file. There ought to be a fix right?

I bought JBridge… now it works :slight_smile: You have to hire this man or something.