Cubase 5 VST Performance meter peaking.

Everything was working perfectly, then I had to take my laptop out of the house for a day, when I set everything up again, the VST perf. Meter was maxing out, and there was visual and audio lagging. I tried reinstalling the drivers and using a separate hdd for my project folder.

Any ideas?

Cubase 5 32b
Focusrite 2i2
8gb Ram
2.5 GHz
Windows 8.1

The meter maxes out as soon as i load my project, regardless of whether or not I play it back.

I don’t think its a problem with the interface, it maxes out even without the interface connected.

Thank You

Aloha D,

Did you try increasing the ‘buffer’ setting?
Perhaps it somehow got changed/reset during the move out of and then back into the house.

Good Luck!