Cubase 5 Vst performance peak!


First of all, im fairly new to cubase so this might be a rookie question, BUT:

I got this problem where my vst is totally maxed out, clipping etc.
Now, i only have this problem in one of my projects. im only using 3 vst instruments which i have tried to unload/delete, and it still keeps going at a 100 % since there is no vst whatsoever, …

Normally i got more than 5-6 running in other projects and havn’nt experienced anything like the above mentioned before…

So can i possibly have hit some kind of “kill-everything” button??

Or is it just too bad and i have to re-create ??


We would need more information to help. In Devices, Device Setup, VST Audio System, what is your ASIO driver? What is your input latency?

If you raise the buffer on your audio interface, do you get fewer dropouts? I would highly recommend using the Freeze function on the VSTi’s to lighten the processing load. What 3 plugins are they?

What is the processing in your system? RAM? Operating System?