Cubase 5 White noise come and goes.


I just bought a second-hand external soundcard branded Yamaha Audiogram3.
I started up a on going project where I only has Guitar rig 5 as a VST.
The sound starts of as clear and sounds as it should do, but after a while the a White noise appears over what I’ve already recorded, or if I pluck the guitar string or start the metronome. And if I pause for a moment the white noise goes away, for a while.
I didn’t have this problem when using the other external soundcard wich was a cheap Guitar Link knock off that costed 10$

Does anyone know what the problem may be?

Kind regards.

Hi and welcome,

Make sure, the Buffer Size of your Audio Device is on the (enough) high level (try to increase it).

Very often, some plug-ins produces white-noise when they are in the DEMO/Trial mode. Make sure, you are not using DEMO/Trial plug-ins, please.