Cubase 5 with Bluetooth speaker?


any ideas how I could activate bluetooth speaker/headphones with Cubase 5?
speaker works fine with this same laptop, from browser, video player, music player etc, but when I try to play from Cubase, the sound goes out only from the basic headphones which is connected to the interface (quad capture).
at VST connections, I don´t find a way to select any other device than that same interface. nothing about bluetooth…

You wouldn’t as it won’t be an asio driver. Try asio4all and see if that recognised the headphones. Asio4all can be seen in Cubase. As far as how it will look in Cubase 5 I don’t know as it’s a very old version. Bluetooth headphones are not great though for music as they have high latency so if you try to play a vsti in real time there will be a delay before the sound appears. Much better to used wired headphones.

thanks mkok. I don´t have asio4all in my Cubase selection. there Asio Direct X Full Duplex, but if I change to that, the sounds comes from the laptop speakers. Doesn´t recognize the bluetooth.

I have wired Headphones of course, what I am using for recording and mixing, but this Bluetooth option would be just catchy to listen some raw mixes through it, not really for editing purpose.

Google asio4all. It is a 3rd party asio driver that onboard sound or any audio interface can be loaded into. I don’t even know if Bluetooth headphones appear as an audio interface on a PC but they probably do.

Everyone who doesn’t have an audio interface or the interface has no asio driver of its own uses it. I don’t but tried it on my sons laptop a few years ago just for the fun of it and it did work ok .

I tried Asio4All, but it didn’t seem to recognize any Bluetooth headphones.